‘Skirmish’  is a new class within Physical Alchemy that encompasses a cluster of ideas around which a new syllabus of class grow.  This class will centralize around motion, strength, the vestibular system (and possibly the aerobic system – to complement the extant stretching classes that have a predominance of sensation, tension pattern remapping and the neuromuscular and soft tissue systems.  This syllabus will also be more permeable to the influence of my peers and colleagues, many of whom are expert ...Read More

Language of the New Alchemy

‘[…] It is very difficult, almost impossible for [hu]men of different categories and of different modes of perception to understand one another, because they call one and the same thing by different names, and they call different things by the same name.’ [G] It has become increasingly clear in the course of my research that the ‘disenchantment’ which I study and seek to repattern, is – in fact – a vāsanā level imprinting phenomena. It is held at a deeper ...Read More

The ‘3 Pillars’ of Physical Alchemy

[*] The ‘three pillars’ of Physical Alchemy At its base  Physical Alchemy has a triad of works, that form the tripod necessary to produce the human transmutation that for now I am calling ‘reenchantment’. As well as three pillars of work, in this transmutation there are three phases of the work: the black work, the white work and the red work. * These three distinct realms of training [3 pillars] are undertaken together but the proportion and emphasis of each ...Read More