Daoist Physical Cultivation – An Ember Ignited


Daoist Physical Cultivation is a syllabus of Physical Repatterning Work that has been floating in the ether for many years, but only recently has it gained enough magnitude of its own to become manifest and begin growing in the way that things do within the circles of Physical Alchemy. It is something that has called me in some way or another since the very beginning, so some tales of how it all began for me seem like the proper place ...Read More

The Living Laboratory – An Alchemical ‘Class Testimonial’ of Sorts

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A lot has changed since I re-met Sir Robbie Coker; subsequently met Dave Wardman – and began studying the art of what is now called ‘Physical Alchemy’. Exactly how many years this whole experience spans is hard to say. The perception of time has a tendency to become more and more misty and fluid with this type of work. I am reasonably confident – however – that I can trace it back 6 years … give or take. Dave – ...Read More

Physical Alchemy – Neo-guild Structure for the 21st Century

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[*] Historical perspectives   One of the long term projects happening behind the scenes at Physical Alchemy involves changes to the architecture behind the method and rekindling of the idea of a Guild as a central hub for education. In medieval cities people gathered together in guilds based on their crafts. These guilds often had a primary physical location – a guild hall – which functioned as a central meeting area where the members of the guild could work their ...Read More