Amnesia of the Felt Senses

[*] Amnesia of the Felt SensesThere is many times more information available on stretching than when I began studying and practicing it. There are many aspects to this – auspicious, suspicious and inauspicious. Much of the research and debate focuses on the efficacy (or lack thereof) of its use in improving range of movement and its therapeutic use (almost exclusively with pain). This is all well and good but largely besides the point for how I utilize it. And, as ...Read More

Scawing [Sc3wing]

[*] ‘Scawing’ [Scaw3ng – ‘science-awing’] Scawing is the calling of the crow caste down to earth with nihilism-lite. The fantasy of th3ught-projecting the demise of the brain-mind and associating it with the great death – reframed in pyrites-positivity for the benefit of ones peers and the fragile hold one has on ones’ sanity. ‘I die.. but the complexity of the Universe lives on..!… […]’ Oft-times the fel-projection of C3rberus semi-utilizing contemplative methods to try to fend off their cosmic post-modern ...Read More


‘Skirmish’  is a new class within Physical Alchemy that encompasses a cluster of ideas around which a new syllabus of class grow.  This class will centralize around motion, strength, the vestibular system (and possibly the aerobic system – to complement the extant stretching classes that have a predominance of sensation, tension pattern remapping and the neuromuscular and soft tissue systems.  This syllabus will also be more permeable to the influence of my peers and colleagues, many of whom are expert ...Read More