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The ‘3 Pillars’ of Physical Alchemy

[*] The ‘three pillars’ of Physical Alchemy At its base  Physical Alchemy has a triad of works, that form the tripod necessary to produce the human transmutation that for now I am calling ‘reenchantment’. As well as three pillars of work, in this transmutation there are three phases of the work: the black work, the white work and the red work. * These three distinct realms of training [3 pillars] are undertaken together but the proportion and emphasis of each ...Read More

The Living Laboratory – An Alchemical ‘Class Testimonial’ of Sorts

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A lot has changed since I re-met Sir Robbie Coker; subsequently met Dave Wardman – and began studying the art of what is now called ‘Physical Alchemy’. Exactly how many years this whole experience spans is hard to say. The perception of time has a tendency to become more and more misty and fluid with this type of work. I am reasonably confident – however – that I can trace it back 6 years … give or take. Dave – ...Read More

Physical Alchemy – Neo-guild Structure for the 21st Century

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[*] Historical perspectives   One of the long term projects happening behind the scenes at Physical Alchemy involves changes to the architecture behind the method and rekindling of the idea of a Guild as a central hub for education. In medieval cities people gathered together in guilds based on their crafts. These guilds often had a primary physical location – a guild hall – which functioned as a central meeting area where the members of the guild could work their ...Read More