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No news is good news.

Read this (if you haven’t already). I’ve been doing the ‘low/no-News’ diet for about 2.5 – 3 years now (since re-reading The 4hr Work Week).  I’ve had trouble giving up reading so many non-fiction books (more strict Low Information diet), which I want to write about later.  In the meantime, read this article.  It really is amazing doing this (if you haven’t already) – you really don’t get out of touch so much.  Anything of real importance pops up in ...Read More

Wiggle those toes!

Here’s a video by my mate Simon on different toe, foot and lower leg ‘awakening’ proprioceptive exercises.  These exercises are great for a warm-up, or on low intensity days.  The walking drills, which Simon will most likely show in video two or three, are awesome, too. I personally do a lot of toe, foot, lower leg training – often in combination with forearms, grip and neck training.  All these anatomical areas (foot, lower leg, hand, forearm and neck) are under ...Read More

Diminishing Returns

Another interesting thing that I picked up at Steve Maxwell’s recent Fundamentals of Human Movement certification course (December 2012), was the concept of diminishing returns in exercise programming.  More specifically, Steve referred to a physical standards test developed to assess the capacities of candidates for Russian Special Operations fighters (spetznaz), developed by Anatoly Taras.  This list of 10 exercises contains an entry level ‘pass’ score, then a secondary number of repetitions for the same exercise for which he felt there ...Read More