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Yesterday’s ‘Tonic’ Heavy chins workout

Pink sky sunset, full moon rising. Yesterday evening’s ‘Tonic’ Heavy chin-up workout at the local park: A1) Weighted Chin-ups w 20kg KB: 3 x 5 reps A2) Weighted SLS w 20kg KB (10 second eccentrics): 3 x 3 rep Long rests between sets, workout time: ~20 mins.  There’s a picnic table at the park where I work out, so I do different basic agility and Parkour based moves on that during the rest period between sets.  Keeping chin-ups (weighted and ...Read More

Timed Static Contraction (TSC) protocol

Hello and welcome, I thought I’d kick off my blog with a piece on the TSC method that I, and others at The Monkey Gym (TMG) in Canberra have been playing around with in recent months.  At the beginning of this year I was introduced to the Timed Static Contraction (TSC) protocol of isometric strength training by Steve Maxwell (who kindly put me through a brutal 8 minute workout, using a handful of very basic holds). I’ve been playing around ...Read More