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Daoist Physical Cultivation – An Ember Ignited


Daoist Physical Cultivation is a syllabus of Physical Repatterning Work that has been floating in the ether for many years, but only recently has it gained enough magnitude of its own to become manifest and begin growing in the way that things do within the circles of Physical Alchemy. It is something that has called me in some way or another since the very beginning, so some tales of how it all began for me seem like the proper place ...Read More

Body Awakening

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One of the more interesting insights that came out of my European adventure was the coming together of a syllabus I ended up naming ‘Body Awakening’. I had started my adventure with something of an unexpected workshop. Emmet and I had been sharing our explorations online for some time, throwing suggestions at each other to use as experiments on ourselves or the people training with us. Given that my first stop in Europe was to be Germany it only seemed ...Read More

Addiction to Knowledge

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‘Forgive me Father, for I have sinned!’ This article is a confession for me.  I’ve decided against writing this article in the popular format of  “people are so ‘x’ these days, and I think they should be ‘y’”. How other people are is no longer a concern for me. Instead, I am going to share a discovery that I have made about myself as a result of my ongoing practice of cultivation. I hope that this will give my readers ...Read More