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Body Tessellations II – Paradoxical Stretching

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In late 2014 I wrote the original Body Tessellations article.  Two years on now the Body Tessellation stretching work has become a hallmark of the Re-patterning Stretching syllabus within the Physical Alchemy method.  More than this, tinkering with this strange concept has led to structural changes within my body; students bodies and even the ‘body’ of the method – this practical experimentation has actually yielded insights that changed the structure of Physical Alchemy (as will be discussed below)! As I ...Read More

Re-patterning Work

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We are robotic. We are of a disenchanted patterning.  Fitness, therapy, wellness, these things don’t concern me.  What concerns me is lack of aliveness, super-charged false-I patterns, humans walking around in a half-life, unable to escape the gravity of their mediocrity.  Dis-embodiment, bureaucratization, homogenization. Re-patterning Work is a framing metaphor for the use of my of physical cultivation, stretching and awareness exercises to evoke re-enchantment in humans.  The guiding principles are explicitly not those of fitness, performance, health or wellness ...Read More

Alchemical Stretching


Alchemical Stretching Dave Wardman “Alchemical Stretching is when you have both a focus on increasing range of motion and also increasing the quality of sensory impressions from the new area – but with a hierarchy towards the sensory.” [D] Recently I put up two videos (on Vimeo) that go some way towards explaining what I call Alchemical Stretching.  This is part of my divergent phylogeny from Kit’s wonderful Stretch Therapy system and it is how I use stretching in Physical ...Read More