June 26, 2018 3:36 pm

Below you will find a list of workshops, retreats or other public events that we are presenting at. If you would like us to run a workshop or other event in your area, or have any other inquiries, please use the button below!


August 4th 2018

Presenters: Dave & Craig
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Price: $160 AU

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Physical Repatterning Work

Physical Re-patterning Work is a way of teaching physical methods that provokes dormant qualities to emerge across the full spectrum of what a Human Being encompasses whilst still preserving and enhancing the original physical capacities.

This afternoon workshop will introduce the basics of Physical Repatterning Work using stretching, jibengong and other modes of physical training.


October 14th 2018


Presenters: Craig & Fred
Time:  9:30am – 1pm, 3pm – 6:30pm
Price: €100 (1 class), €180 (both classes) 

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Fire and Ice

Craig Mallett is returning once more to teach in the frozen paradise that is Iceland.  This time he will be joined by the ‘Great Dane’ Frederik Beck – viking, doctor, alchemist and strength training extraordinaire. They will be co-presenting two Masterclasses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  These Masterclasses can be taken separately or together if one is more inclined for a workshop style immersion. While the topics are quite different, the underlying current and flavours of Physical Alchemy run through both sessions. Doing both in a row will give you a stronger impression of the broader works and approaches encompassed by Physical Alchemy.

October 17th – 19th 2018


Presenters: Craig & Fred
Time:  7pm – 10pm on each night
Price: €75.00 (1 night), €120.00 (2 nights), €190.00 (3 nights) 

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Physical Alchemy Exploration

Join Craig Mallett and Frederik Beck for 3 nights of exploration into the weird and wonderful art of Physical Alchemy.  Each night will explore a particular topic with enough depth to give the participants plenty of material to digest and practice until next we meet. Done together, the 3 nights will showcase the underlying *current* that flows beneath many of the Physical Alchemy syllabuses – a current which we are calling Physical Repatterning Work.


February 2nd – 9th 2019

Presenters: Dave, Craig & Fred
Price: from €1850 (including food & accommodation)

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Embodied Paradox

A week-long immersion diving deep into the craft that is Physical Alchemy. All syllabuses will be explored including Physical Repatterning Work, Daoist Physical Cultivation, Alchemical Stretching and Body Awakening.  Dave will also be introducing the Reenchantment Work for the first time in a public domain.