February 9, 2015 1:21 am

The library is where you will find all of our recommended reading and various Physical Alchemy media and diagrams.  The first and most important is the recommended reading spiral.  Click on the image to see a high resolution PDF version of the spiral.


Physical Alchemy Articles

Below is a collection of the articles written by Dave, Fred, Michael, Will and Craig that will give you a more expanded view of Physical Alchemy.

Repatterning Work – Dave
The Crafting of a Diagram [Cerberus Diagram] – Dave
Neo Guild Structure – Dave
Physical Re-Patterning Work – Dave
Body Tessellations I – Dave
Body Tessellations II – Dave
Alchemical Stretching – Dave

Agile Lifestyle – Dave
Agile Lifestyle II – Dave
The Long Class Experience – Dave
Deep Physical Relaxation – Dave
The Experience of Letting Go – Dave
Basic Strength Training – Dave
Resist Mediocrity – Dave
Shoshin – Dave

Addiction to Knowledge – Craig

The Living Laboratory – Michael

Meetings with an Auspicious Man – Fred


Other Articles

Next is a collection of articles written by other people that we recommend.

Dao De Jing – The Book That Defines the Dao – Serge Augier
Getting Out of Torpor – Serge Augier

Principles of Stretch Therapy – Kit Laughlin
What Use is Stretching – Kit Laughlin