Prototype ‘5 necks’ workout

I previously mentioned  a comment that Kit had once made about the ‘3 necks’ of Chinese Medicine (neck; wrist and ankle). After discussing with Simon, we figured that ‘5 necks’ (neck; wrist x 2 and ankle x 2) sounded way cooler. Last night I played around with a new type of workout (a strength-control and Natural Movement emphasis one), that I am going to add into my current program.  Basically I will do different types of crawls (lizard; cat; bear; ...Read More

Book Review: Coming to Our Senses

I purchased Coming to Our Sense by Morris Berman, on a whim, a few years back; after seeing it referenced in something Tom Myers had written, and liking the front cover art on Amazon.  I got more than I had bargained for(!) – and the book is now in my ‘top 10’ for sure. The basic theme, of which I subscribe, is that humankind as a whole, and Western nations in particular, have lost much of the sensous, somatic dimension ...Read More