Flamin’ ‘8’ Deep Posterior Compartment Exercise

Today, a practical post!  HERE and HERE is a video of an exercise I created (someone else probably does it, as always; but I didn’t learn it off anybody) one day when I was exploring.. trying to get the deep posterior compartment of the lower leg working.  It makes use of the awesome figure 8 movement pattern that works so well in joint mobility exercises.  This compartment contains Flexor Hallucis Longus; Tibialis Posterior and Flexor Digitorum Longus.  This hidden compartment ...Read More

Digesting Information

Just as we eat, digest and assimilate food and nutrients into our own physical bodies; so we take in information from our senses, and into our minds (via reading; watching; contemplating; etc).  Something I have been watching and playing with in my own life, is the idea of the digestion of knowledge – and also, of the idea that we can get information indigestion and information constipation.  For myself, I most definitely have a bad habit of trying to learn ...Read More

Resist Mediocrity

Today I’m completing a post I’ve had saved as a draft for a couple of weeks.  On the back cover of the (revised) 4th Edition of Overcome Neck & Back Pain, Kit (Laughlin) is sporting a t-shirt, that if you look closely, reads ‘Resist Mediocrity’.  I cracked up the first time I saw this. But, it raises an interesting point.. the t-shirt, to the best of my knowledge, was about resisting shite coffee (which is wise) – but I choose ...Read More