More on Kinesthetic Education

The 4 day Monkey Gym workshop that I was part of finished up this evening. I hope the final two days were as fun and educational as the two that I was a part of.   One truly fucked up thing I heard whilst at the Monkey Gym workshop (last Friday and Saturday), was that some schools in New South Wales have actually banned running and children physically contacting each other (!!).  This is insanity. Banning play is insanity. Quite ...Read More


This afternoon I returned to my home town of Canberra via bus; having moved to Sydney in September last year.  Until now I had only been back once, for a brief two days, in December.  Driving through the city and Inner North this evening was fucking surreal – it seriously did my head in a bit.  Whilst a lot of changes have happened, it literally felt like only a day (or an hour!?) had passed since I was last here(!).  ...Read More

Flamin’ ‘8’ Deep Posterior Compartment Exercise

Today, a practical post!  HERE and HERE is a video of an exercise I created (someone else probably does it, as always; but I didn’t learn it off anybody) one day when I was exploring.. trying to get the deep posterior compartment of the lower leg working.  It makes use of the awesome figure 8 movement pattern that works so well in joint mobility exercises.  This compartment contains Flexor Hallucis Longus; Tibialis Posterior and Flexor Digitorum Longus.  This hidden compartment ...Read More