Kinesthetic Education pt 2 – Continuum Concepts

To continue on kinesthetic education, the great book The Continuum Concept – Jean Liedloff offers some different insights into the raising of children in a tribal society – where kids get a whole host of formative experiences, especially of a kinesthetic nature, that are missing from most of our child-rearing practices in the West. (Thanks, again, to Simon – who lent me this book just before the birth of my daughter. You should read this book, even if you don’t ...Read More

Sequential Stretching

As I sit here and write this, I feel amazing in my physical body; definitely possessing heightened grace and ease, as Kit often refers to the primary objective of Stretch Therapy – due to the stretches I did this evening (and more importantly, the style in which I did the stretching this evening). The primary thing that lead to this state in my body (besides the stretching itself!) was a desire to test, explore and play with something I’ve been ...Read More

Kinesthetic Education

A couple of things caught my eye in the last two days, that made me want to write about this topic today.  One was a billboard at Wynyard station (for St Vincents, I believe) talking about helping children get their self-esteem back (something I think movement and somatic education can help facilitate in some cases; and in a fun way, too); and an article I read about ADHD. A while back I read Tom Myers ‘Kinesthetic dystonia’ series of articles ...Read More