Little Notebooks are Awesome (as are pants/shorts with lots of pockets to put them in)!

Little notebooks (roughly pen length or smaller) are awesome(!!).  I’ve been using them for perhaps the last 3 or 4 years now, and they have proven their value many times over.  Sure, you can type stuff into ‘notes’ on your iPhone, or whatever, but nothing beats the good old notepad and pen.. plus, I want to still be able to write by hand, so this lends me the opportunity to practice this skill.   Ideally, the size of the notebook ...Read More

Lucid dreaming

Haha! I was going to write about this two days back, and now, today, Kit has written about Chuang Tzu’s ‘Butterfly’ dream in a post on sleeping and meditation. See HERE.  I was introduced to lucid dreaming (becoming aware you are dreaming in a dream, and gaining some control over said dream) in about year 11 (if I recall correctly..), by my best friend; who had found out about it via the Internet, or a book.  I had an instant ...Read More

Physical Relaxation & Sleep Enhancement

Learning to bring deep relaxation to the physical body was one of the best investments I have ever made. Relaxing the body’s muscles, soft tissue webbing and organs (and I swear it feels like bones, too!) simply feels amazing.  There are a number of benefits associated with this, from increased sleep quality; to the whole cascade of rejuvenating processes associated the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system branch of the autonomic nervous system (relaxation response), to other neural and neuromuscular ...Read More