Bodywatching at 30,000 ft

Maaan; flying is not good for the tension levels in the physical body.  Every time in the past, that I have had a flight over 3hrs in length, I have felt ill effects from it.  There are many aspects to this, to name a few: the cramped, movement preventing, and hip flexor spasmin’, seats (in economy at least); the recycled, dehydrating air-conditioned air; the particles of other people’s illness floating around in the cabin.  Having recently flown to Chicago (from ...Read More

..it never stops

The training never stops..  Once you have begun your journey of body exploring and desire to achieve grace and ease in the physical body (paraphrasing Kit Laughlin’s one line description of the Stretch Therapy™ system that he innovated), there comes a time where practice in specific sessions bleeds through into daily life.  This process is similar in many other body-mind training systems – just pick the system(s) that you love the most and get practicing.  Speaking of Kit, what sparked ...Read More

Manual Taste Enhancement

So one day a couple of years ago I was doing some manual soft tissue exploration of the muscles of my jaw and face (as you do), when I came across something very interesting.  I had found a number of trigger points in my masseter and pterygoid muscles of the standard eye-wateringly painful type, when suddenly I found one slightly out of the ordinary (probably don’t do this if you don’t know what you’re doing)..  This one referred sensation down ...Read More