Book Review: Ishmael

I normally bring about five, normally non-fiction, books on holidays or trips with me – and promptly don’t get time to do more than flip through one or two whilst on the toilet.  On my recent trip to Chi-town, I originally decided ‘no books’ as part of a great plan of ‘low informative dieting’ and to be in alignment with my current idea of diminishing returns on intellectual knowledge (more later). ..however, I decided to bring one book, an odd ...Read More

No news is good news.

Read this (if you haven’t already). I’ve been doing the ‘low/no-News’ diet for about 2.5 – 3 years now (since re-reading The 4hr Work Week).  I’ve had trouble giving up reading so many non-fiction books (more strict Low Information diet), which I want to write about later.  In the meantime, read this article.  It really is amazing doing this (if you haven’t already) – you really don’t get out of touch so much.  Anything of real importance pops up in ...Read More

Wiggle those toes!

Here’s a video by my mate Simon on different toe, foot and lower leg ‘awakening’ proprioceptive exercises.  These exercises are great for a warm-up, or on low intensity days.  The walking drills, which Simon will most likely show in video two or three, are awesome, too. I personally do a lot of toe, foot, lower leg training – often in combination with forearms, grip and neck training.  All these anatomical areas (foot, lower leg, hand, forearm and neck) are under ...Read More