February 9, 2015 4:15 am

‘People’ is a list of teachers and practitioners offering potent ancient and/or 21st century approaches to physical re-patterning work and beyond. All of these humans are connected to Physical Alchemy by some strange karma.  Everybody on the list is a true life-long learners, always seeking to refine and tinker with their craft. We have only put people on the list who are our peers, teachers and friends –  and who we personally know and will vouch for.  The category we have placed the people under are the skill-sets we personally endorse the practitioner to teach

Emmet Louis The Silver Leap Project – Dublin, Ireland (and around the world)

Emmet ‘The Salmon’ Louis teaches his own physical re-patterning work, including: stretching (particularly ballistic stretching), strength and movement work, circus skills, soft tissue re-modelling and other things arcane.  You can hear his rich, Irish voice on his many instructional videos on Youtube and he has an active and interesting Facebook page, too.

Kit Laughlin – Stretch Therapy – Greenwell Point, Australia (and Internationally for workshops.. sometimes out at Sea).

Kit is the creator of Stretch Therapy and a huge body of powerful physical repatterning methods.  He was the second of Dave’s Teachers.   Dave was blessed to have been able to study with him in apprenticeship fashion and would not be where he is now without this formative period (much gratitude [DW] –> [K]).  Kit’s method Stretch Therapy is a root art of much within Physical Alchemy.  I highly recommend going along to Kit’s workshops.

Simon Thakur – Ancestral Movement – NSW, Australia.

Simon has a wealth of practical experience around the world in martial arts, bodywork and movement methods, that blends very well with his theoretical studies and research.  His art is called Ancestral Movement and fuses his experiential background in Chinese martial arts, Hatha Yoga, Capoeira Angola (and much more) with his deep research into ecological, evolutionary and neuroplasticity.  Simon offers a unique movement and philosophical system.

[L] –  ??

Currently not available in the public forum.  We will update this page when and if that changes.  [L] is by far the most potent vector for change in Dave’s life and his teachings gave the spark involved in Dave creating Physical Alchemy method.

Cherie SeetoBodywork & Stretch Therapy – Sydney, Australia.

Creator of Sydney Stretch Therapy Cherie is a long time Senior Teacher in the Stretch Therapy system and expert body-worker.  Recently Cher has been exploring her own variant of the ST approach, augmenting the standard protocols with studies in Fascial Fitness, movement and yoga.  See her Sydney Stretch Therapy page for more information and bookings.