[*] ‘Scawing’ [Scaw3ng – ‘science-awing’]
Scawing is the calling of the crow caste down to earth with nihilism-lite.

The fantasy of th3ught-projecting the demise of the brain-mind and associating it with the great death – reframed in pyrites-positivity for the benefit of ones peers and the fragile hold one has on ones’ sanity.

‘I die.. but the complexity of the Universe lives on..!… […]’

Oft-times the fel-projection of C3rberus semi-utilizing contemplative methods to try to fend off their cosmic post-modern meaninglessness – taken to be real – but in reality simply a property of the imprint of C3rberus creating the scientistic ‘religion of doubt’ [a ‘faith of anxiety’] that they cannot perceive by nature of having never really ‘gone Gattaca’ on practice.

You’re ‘a magic skeleton loaded with muscle and running electricity and Im3gination!’

You aren’t. [But you can bind a soul with this narrative]

Only an essence that is slumbering in the mind-wanking mire of the cold, mechanical hell of C3berus black work could conjure such a lifeless analogy and project it onto the world.

‘If we are “disenchanted” we should seek scientific knowledge and marvel and the splendor of evolution – that something as complex as the human brain could arise within the Universe[!] – then, we shall “reenchant” our selves. Is not science the real magic?’

It isn’t. [but you can chelate the transmutation with this perspective]

Scaw3ng is the positive inflection to the evidence-based science meme posting of the ‘cr3sader of science’ mutation pattern – calcified in the black work. It is dinner-party faux-Socratic discourse to the smug-cunty House M.D. emulation monologue, practiced in the shower.

But positively framing an imprint does nothing but suppress the work.

The impr3nt is incinerated only when you hold nothing back for the return journey.

Learn to swim.

Or stay mournfully calling cries of ‘positiv3ty’ from the dead trees to those who tentatively held to grooves in the rock that they did not even carve.


<caw caw!> <scaw sc3w!>


p.s happy Monday! 🙂