First off, there should seriously be a Ministry of Silly Walks.  Thanks to Simon and Craig for this awesome second part of the ‘Foot Awakening’ video series.  Simon showed me these ones when we caught up in Canberra, sometime last year.  They are gold.  This video also contains heaps of gems of foot training in general – thanks Simon! 

As Simon says(!), there are so many benefits to doing these exercises, including but not limited to:

• Enhancing proprioception – ‘feeding the nerves stimulation’
• Improving joint mobility in the foot, leg and hips
• Building resilience and injury-proofing into whole leg movements
• Strengthening and awakening sleepy deep posterior compartment arch-stabilizing and arch-creating muscles (Tibialus posterior; Flexor Hallicus Longus & Flexor Digitorum Longus)
• Nerve gliding (freeing adhesions from the fascial sheathes of nerves (neuro-vascular bundles) throughout the lower limb)

Don’t do them if they give you pain (esp. knee), but otherwise explore! They make great play and movement patterning exercises for ‘light’ or ‘rest’ days.

If you’re in Canberra, get along and have fun at Craig and Simon’s Natural Movement Classes