Physical Alchemy is an auspicious method
of personal transmutation
accomplished through the alchemical marriage
of physical praxis
the evocation of the essence.

It is
the training
to form
a body harmonious
in the age of dissonance.  

A new expression of an ancient song.  

It forms a living symbol
in the body
that transfers directly into the creation
of one’s own art
and unique expression
be it in the mediums
of body
or craft
for it teaches the person to
 arcane cycles
pierce the sub-liminal patterns
necessary to the crafting 
of living artifacts
outside of
spell of civilisation. 

Parsecs away
from another
‘mind-body integration’
 Physical Alchemy taps directly into
the golden currents that exist
and have
always existed
of the cultural entropy. 

Offering a rare opportunity
to utilize physical practice
the grand fragmentation.  

a world gone
status quo
metastatic accumulation

rational insanity.



[*] [D]

Dave is a physical alchemist. Though what this is precisely, provokes much speculation, interpretation and misinterpretation.  The words came first, from the Muses.  The craft uses physical praxis to forge the body and evoke the essence.  The words are correct.  But they came to me long before the craft that bares their name was operational on a level that does them justice. Back when I was into ‘protocols’ and ‘optimisation’ and other such things.   But the words were correct, even then. 

Sure, I could point to landmarks across the terrain of my 23 years of study and praxis. From the degree in ecology; through the foundational training in martial arts and physical culture; to the old school apprenticeship with Stretch Therapy creator Kit Laughlin;  to the soft tissue transmutation research and spiritual practices intimately involved and mixed into this strange brew and auspicious junctions. 

But this occurred before fitted its nameshape. 
Its Name came alive when I found my soul
and that occurred
from a leap of faith from the lion’s head. 
From riding my horse backwards.

The art draws influence from the pre-Socratics, whilst seeking to draw-out the poison of the post.  It preferences alchemy to science, poetics to reason.  When and by whom eclipse the ‘how’ and ‘what’.  For alchemy is both parallax and paradox.