Bard’s Tales

[*] Bard’s Tales
A collection of true fictions using the traditional modality of storytelling to shed light on a number of the aspects of the triadic nature disenchantment that cunningly evade espousal in other written forms.  

[*] an evening at The Rhetoric.
Looking down at the pages
so familiar
more so than his own hands
which he kept neurodextrous
for somatohumunculur reasons,
something truly alarming happened.

The sensations in the belly returned
now with nausea
a strong migraine.

He attempted the ‘Cogency of Mentation’
scholastic mindfullness protocols
of the NeoAcademy
to regulate his breathing
and critically rationalise his thinking.

These only served to make the alien sensations more marked. The protocols had never failed to enhanced his rational reality testing and cogency-index metrics before.

What was the causation of this error of rational psychotechnologies [?!]”