Classes & Private Sessions

[🔥⚗️🍀] Physical Alchemy Classes, Thursdays 5:30pm – 7:00pm @ The Blue Room [ANU Sport & Recreation building, ANU campus].

That’s right – I am [finally] starting classes up in Canberra! They will be ‘Physical Alchemy Classes’ until the end of 2022 – meaning a combination of Repatterning Stretching, Alchemical Stretching and Embodied Paradox syllabus material in a stand alone practicum format.

In the new year I will be trialing a new, fusion curriculum in a ‘Course’ format that will be progressive and include both theorem and practicum. These classes will be held in The Blue Room, bridge end of the ANU SRA venue. The rooms seems to have had a slight upgrade – white board, shelves, plants [possible plastic ones..] – since I last taught in it over a decade ago. Still overlooks a nice bamboo grove.

Message me if you are in Canberra and wish to attend these sessions leading up to the end of the year. More information on the Course for 2023 will be put up on the website and shared here when it is available.


I have a huge amount of new material and exercises I want to share – both in these indoor classes; and per the two videos from earlier this day – outdoors too for the first time! I have some ideas for how to teach the reenchantment syllabus materia in situ, too [but more on that later].
0431 021 197
$30 per class 


[ 🐒 ]  Private Monkey Gym Sessions, Outdoors in Canberra, [ $95 per session ] – available from Autumn 2023. 

I am available once more for private sessions in Strength & Flexibility [Monkey Gym] in the city of Canberra.  At some point I will also begin running an upgraded version of the ‘Beginner’s S&F course’ [so keep watching the website].  See the recent nostalgia piece HERE for a brief history of the Monkey Gym.

[*] Inquiries and bookings:
0431 021 197
[$95 per session]