October 15, 2018 9:35 pm

[*]  ‘Repatterning Stretching’ Classes


Bending the body into unconventional shapes for fun and pleasure.  Stretching opens up new sensations and movement options.  It also remedies many of the patterns associated with biological aging – and that is a good thing. 

Repatterning Stretching classes utilize: partner stretching, solo stretching, limbering, relaxation and body awareness exercises to increase the suppleness and flexibility of the physical body. 

Differing slightly from some stretching classes this work simultaneously focuses upon increasing range of motion, remapping forgotten areas of the body and increasing the quality of sensory impressions from these new area – with a preference towards the sensory impression quality over range increase alone.

These classes are open to all.

Current Class times: 

Thursday:   Noon – 1:15pm , Sydney Stretch Therapy studio, Level 3, Suite 13, 88 Pitt St  


[*] ‘Tiger Body’ Class 


Counter-act the deficiency of agility. This class and syllabus will be a melting pot for physical cultivation methods I have learned but do not currently teach arranged around the ‘idea’ or ‘symbol’ of the tigers body.

Ingredients involved in this new syllabus: exercises from Western physical culture, Thai pad work, kettlebells, vestibular system work, agility and coordination drills, mobility-conditioning style drills (ala Steve Maxwell), parkour basics and evasive arts, clubs, sticks, deep physical relaxation work, pressure work, body conditioning from a number of different martial methods, movement games, throwing and projectiles – and more!


[*] ‘Physical Alchemy’ Classes


‘Physical Alchemy’ classes are the invitation-only experimental training sessions for students with the requisite training experience, embodiment and qualities.  They use a completely different and unique metaphysics as ‘web of knowledge’ underneath the practical component that facilitates the processes involved in rare transmutations.  Even in this 21st century there are still arcane aspects to the physical body and this class investigates some of these.  

These classes are practically concerned with repatterning of culturally conditioned movement, breath, gesture and tension patterns from the body.  Combining this with specific training and awareness throughout the day we aim to open certain perceptual channels and bring out qualities that have laid dormant. 

It encompasses all the material from the old  ‘Alchemical Stretching’ class syllabus and adds in many new elements.