[*] Physical Alchemy Articles

Below is a collection of the articles the will give you a more expanded view of some aspects of Physical Alchemy.

Repatterning Work – Dave
The Crafting of a Diagram [Cerberus Diagram] – Dave
Neo Guild Structure – Dave
Physical Re-Patterning Work – Dave
Body Tessellations I – Dave
Body Tessellations II – Dave
Alchemical Stretching – Dave

Agile Lifestyle – Dave
Agile Lifestyle II – Dave
The Long Class Experience – Dave
Deep Physical Relaxation – Dave
The Experience of Letting Go – Dave
Basic Strength Training – Dave
Resist Mediocrity – Dave
Shoshin – Dave

The Living Laboratory – Michael

Meetings with an Auspicious Man – Fred

[*] Other Articles and Learning Portals

Principles of Stretch Therapy – Kit Laughlin
What Use is Stretching – Kit Laughlin

Enneagram Course – Mushtaq Ali Al Ansari