Lore – a collection of writings, musings and diagramata related to the craft of Physical Alchemy. 

[*] theorum
Essays and shorter pieces concerning the theoretical and metaphysical [and metametaphysical] aspects of Physical Alchemy and the reenchantment paradigm that it sits within. 

By [D] [a.k.a Dave Wardman]:
An Introduction to Repatterning Stretching – [D]
This essay functions as a brief introduction to some of the principles, lore and heuristics that I usually riff around for the first few classes of a Repatterning Stretching course.

The Three Phases of a Repatterning Stretching Posture – [D]
This class-essay introduces one of the primary techniques – and a model for mapping three distinct phases of applied theory.  Understanding this increases uptake of practical application and development of the qualities we are after to dive deeper into the method.

Alchemical Stretching:  embodied paradox for the 21st century – [D]

The Culinary Metaphor – a piece on different modifiers, exercises, orders of praxis; and how these interface [w a case study around depth in stretching] – [D]

Remembering The Monkey Gym – [D]
A nostalgia piece from a beautiful time in my life – the genesis and initial period of operation of The Monkey Gym. 

By Others:
‘physical alchemy ruined my life’ – Peter Fyfe

‘The Harmonious Body:  The Three Pillars of Physical Balance’ – Frederik Beck
‘The Harmonious Body:  A Postural Manifesto’ – Frederik Beck

The Reverse Timeline Trilogy – by Frederik Beck
‘Forward Into the Past’ 
‘The Tribe’
‘Human Tech’

[*] practicum
Pieces concerning technique and experimentation with physical exercises within the context of physical alchemy. 

Base Ingredients [specific postures]

Hip Flexor work

Backward Bending

The Human Crossbow

The Shoulder Anchor

The Abdominal Vacuum

[*] diagramata
Diagrams, symbols and imagery that are associated with Physical Alchemy and the reenchantment paradigm.