Physical Alchemy: Re-patterning Stretching Classes Flyer 2016

dw_poster_redesign_d1 Physical Alchemy: Re-patterning Stretching Class Flyer 2016 I have had Drew (my graphic design maestro) to redo the flyers I use for classes to more accurately reflect what and how I teach stretching circa 2016.  A lot of important differences have happened since the creation of the last flyer and I am very pleased with this one.  Another for ‘Physical Cultivation’ classes will be done in a few months.  Thanks Drew!  [DW]

Physical Alchemy ‘Recommended Reading Re-patterning Diagram’

DW_Reading_d2 Here is a sneak peak at a special diagram that functions simultaneously as the recommended reading page of the Physical Alchemy manual/book that is currently being written and as an exercise in re-patterning on its own.  It is also the basis of another re-patterning exercises: the ‘9 tomes’ exercise that is part of the re-enchantment process. [DW]      

Re-patterning Work

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We are robotic. We are of a disenchanted patterning.  Fitness, therapy, wellness, these things don’t concern me.  What concerns me is lack of aliveness, super-charged false-I patterns, humans walking around in a half-life, unable to escape the gravity of their mediocrity.  Dis-embodiment, bureaucratization, homogenization. Re-patterning Work is a framing metaphor for the use of my of physical cultivation, stretching and awareness exercises to evoke re-enchantment in humans.  The guiding principles are explicitly not those of fitness, performance, health or wellness ...Read More