Physical Alchemy ‘Recommended Reading Re-patterning Diagram’

DW_Reading_d2 Here is a sneak peak at a special diagram that functions simultaneously as the recommended reading page of the Physical Alchemy manual/book that is currently being written and as an exercise in re-patterning on its own.  It is also the basis of another re-patterning exercises: the ‘9 tomes’ exercise that is part of the re-enchantment process. [DW]      

Re-patterning Work

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We are robotic. We are of a disenchanted patterning.  Fitness, therapy, wellness, these things don’t concern me.  What concerns me is lack of aliveness, super-charged false-I patterns, humans walking around in a half-life, unable to escape the gravity of their mediocrity.  Dis-embodiment, bureaucratization, homogenization. Re-patterning Work is a framing metaphor for the use of my of physical cultivation, stretching and awareness exercises to evoke re-enchantment in humans.  The guiding principles are explicitly not those of fitness, performance, health or wellness ...Read More

Physical Alchemy ‘6 Alembics’ Diagram

Physical Alchemy ‘6 Alembics’ Diagram [ Cultivating Selective Ignorance ]* Dave Wardman   The ‘6 Alembics’ diagram started as a personal exercise in corralling my mentation and focusing my mind on what was most essential to the growth of Physical Alchemy and ruthlessly culling what was inessential.  Much has been said about the last few decades of the 20th century and the beginning of this 21st century having the hallmark of increased saturation of poor quality ‘information’ via the Internet ...Read More