February 9, 2015 4:15 am

Emmet Louis The Silver Leap Project – Dublin, Ireland (and around the world)

Emmet ‘Splits Wizard’ Louis teaches his own physical re-patterning work including: stretching (particularly ballistic stretching), strength and movement work, circus skills, soft tissue re-modelling and other things more arcane. 

You can hear his rich, Irish voice on his many instructional videos on Youtube and he has an active and interesting Facebook page, too.  One of the most interesting and original humans I know –  and a genius for programming physical training.  Definitely check his material out. 

Kit Laughlin – Stretch Therapy – Greenwell Point, Australia (and Internationally for workshops.. sometimes out at Sea).

Kit is the creator of Stretch Therapy – a body of powerful physical repatterning methods.  He was the second of Dave’s Teachers.   Dave was blessed to have been able to study with him in apprenticeship fashion (the only human to do this in Stretch Therapy) and would not be where he is now without this formative period.  Kit’s method Stretch Therapy is a root art of a number of syllabuses within Physical Alchemy.  I highly recommend going along to Kit’s workshops.



Simon Thakur – Ancestral Movement – Canberra, Australia.

Simon’s method is ‘Ancestral Movement‘ –  fusing his experiential background in Chinese martial arts, Hatha Yoga, Capoeira Angola (and much more) with his deep research into ecological, evolutionary and neuroplasticity.  Simon offers a unique movement and philosophical system.

Lee TrewBlue Gum Bushcraft & Wild Heart – Huskisson (NSW) and Mullimbimby (NSW), Australia. 

Lee is a Guide, mentor of human beings and teacher of rewilding who integrates studies and practice as a psychologist with shamanic teachings and experiential learning from a year alone in the wild.  He teaches rewilding to children and adults alike in hugely popular courses within Australia.  He has also started more work with adults, couples and facilitating ‘mens group’ retreats. 

Craig Mallett Daoist Physical Cultivation and Da Xuan – Sydney, Australia. 

Craig is creating a new way of teaching Daoist Physical Cultivation [Jibengong] within a physical repatterning framework based upon his studies.  He is also a teacher of the clan Daoist Da Xuan School. 

Olivier GoetgeluckElite Atheletics – Antwerp, Belgium.

Olivier has been working daily with kids to pro athletes and ‘general public’ since 2011 at camps and the training facility I co-founded, I started to look for a deeper perspective on what psychophysical health is and what human development potentially can be.

Since 2015 I became a closely connected to Fighting Monkey Practice and Research under the guidance of founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea. There is no certificate in FM which I am thankful for, but Jozef and Linda allow me to propose myself ‘FM Instructor’.

In the last years I proceeded to learn through close personal guidance and my own inner work from Inge-Jarl Clausen. Inge individually guides me in the practice of Reichian body-therapeutic work he reframed for the 21st century as “Vegetative Training” which is a deep 70 years old tradition coming from Norway on the research and practice of the self-healing abilities within our human design.

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Cherie SeetoBodywork & Stretch Therapy – Sydney, Australia.

Cherie is a Senior Teacher in the Stretch Therapy system and expert body-worker.  Recently Cherie has been exploring her own variant of the ST approach – augmenting the  protocols with studies in Fascial Fitness and Fighting Monkey. 

Olivia AllnuttStretch Therapy – Greenwell Point & around the world. 
Olivia is the organizational mind behind Stretch Therapy and is an exceptional teaching of stretching and strengthening methods in her own right.


Fanny Tulloch (a.k.a Nina Ronkainen)Stretching, Strength work, Mobility Training – Sydney, Australia. 

Originally haling from Sweden, Fanny has a background in Freestyle Wrestling and strength training that she augmented with many further studies in stretching, Stretch Therapy, Physical Alchemy, mobility work and movement training.  She teaches classes and private sessions around Central Sydney.


Mushtaq Ali Al AnsariThe Nine-Sided Circle – Nomadic/United States of America. 

A Western Sufi teacher and creator of the Nine-Sided Circle (among many other things). Sort of like Dave’s three first teachers combined within one human (which was always my goal). A teacher of teachers. 

The contactable one of DW’s two current Teachers.

David FeirroAncestral Link -British Columbia, Canada.

David (xa xa smanxwt) is of the Sylix/ Okanagan Nation. A healer and sweat lodge keeper, David knows that all things are connected by the vibrations of light and sound and that knowledge is used in the creation of his hand made drums.

The goal of Ancestral Link is to provide a tool from ancient times that will support humanity to raise and maintain their personal frequencies.

[above Bio taken from his website - ]

*David is also the most skilled bodyworker [DW] has ever personally met, and this meeting (although small on a relative time scale) was actually very important in the development of Physical Alchemy.

Ramon Castellanos Healing the Human Animal – Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, New Mexico.

Ramon teaches a synthesis of movement, neo-Reichian bodywork, herbs and nutrition and reconnection with the wilds of the world.  Besides his teaching he also works at an actual wolf sanctuary wolves and a few other wild animals, in New Mexico – helping and learning from proper wild creatures. 


Chris RuffoloThink Movement – Salem, Oregon. 

Chris is a physical education teacher and works with high school students and other humans on motor control and pain issues using movement as therapy. 

She is also spear-heading a ‘new physical education’ movement through her ‘Think Movement’ collective.  Check out the link (above) to find many contributors to this revolution in somatic education. 

Fidel Pomajambo ChumbiaucaDa Xuan San Francisco – San Francisco, USA. 

Fidel teaches in the Da Xuan Daoist Tradition in the San Francisco area – currently in Dolores Park.  He also has a histoy of training in Capoeira and House dancing.

Travis RansomParkour & Point A – Adelaide, South Australia. 

Travis is a very passionate teacher of Parkour within the scene in Australia. He is president of the South Australian Parkour Association.  He also teaches parkour, manages Point A in Adelaide and has been involved in working with local government to facilitate the free expression of traceurs with minimal antagonism from authorities. 

Soisci PorchettaMovement training and Human Patterns – Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong. 

Soisci is a movement teacher with a heritage in Wushu, Gymnastics, Muay Thai (as a professional fighter), Ido Portal method and recently studying the Fighting Monkey system.  She has a B.A in Social Anthropology and is seeking to guide human beings into a heightened integration withthe world and their personal health via movement within a community setting. 

Frederik BeckThe Harmonious Body – Dublin, Ireland. 
Frederik was one of my successful apprentices in Physical Alchemy and has gone on to further his work under the name ‘The Harmonious Body’.   He incorporates a lot of Western Physical Culture, strength training, Repatterning Stretching, repatterning exercises more generally and ‘Work’ principles in his approach. 

Michael WhitePhysical Repatterning Work – Sydney, Australia.

Another of the successful candidates in the now defunct Physical Alchemy apprenticeship, Michael is a physiotherapist by trade who is augmenting this by working with Physical Repatterning Work concepts, studying with [M] and continued research of a multifaceted variety. 

Vijay Panchia – Olympus Aesthetics – Sydney, Australia. 

Vijay is a physical culturist and strength coach with a background in strength and conditioning, martial arts [Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling], Sanskrit and Indian metaphysics [Oxford University], Greek history, and music. 

He currently teaches high school sports strength training and private coaching. 

Rafe Kelley – Evolve Move Play – Seattle, USA & around the World.

Rafe is the creator of Evolve Move Play – a method of natural movement and philosophy based in parkour, evolutionary biology, martial arts, mythology, anthropology and sports science. 

The ‘tree-runner’ himself can be found practicing his craft around the world and teaching locally in the Seattle area.

Steve Maxwell – Strength & Conditioning, BJJ – Citzen of the world. 

Honestly, I learned so much from studying the way Steve teaches humans strength and mobility work over the years.  From my first reading of him on forums 15 years ago, to meeting him in person many times.    There is only one Steve Maxwell.  His old moto was ‘high-minded simplicity’. 

He combines over a half century of training experience and research in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Physical Culture, yoga [Indian and Persian], kettlebells, Sport Science [MSc], joint mobility, and so on and so forth. 

I would highly recommend meeting and studying with Steve if you train people physically.  His work ethic and teaching still an inspiration for me today.