“Dave has taught me to observe and see things.  I felt like I was vast asleep before I was introduced to Dave and his work. I did not at first like Dave because I couldn’t understand him or the work, but “something” kept me coming back.

When I realised that the things he was talking about had much substance I made a decision to fully take his advice and follow what he suggested. I’ve experienced many breakthroughs over the past 18 months that all have contributed to changing me in an immensely positive way!

A few important changes that has occurred are: increased clarity of the mind – I am really happy; even on a bad day I don’t feel all that bad;  I have an easier time to face conflict and knowing when to put my foot down;   my physical body feels more relaxed and I sleep better.

One very interesting area I am currently working more on is: how to use my intuition to handle various unpleasant/negative situations that occur in life and steer them in a positive direction.

Dave, thank for your guidance and continuing support- it is the most important work I have done and am doing for myself and the people around me.”  Fanny Tulloch,  Coach and owner of Mobility Training

“I had the pleasure of working with Dave for about 18 months while I was in Sydney.  It was an eye opening experience for me and had profound changes on my physical, mental and emotional states!  Dave truly is a teacher like no other and has an incredibly keen eye for knowing exactly what you need and when you need it!  He helped me bring out a lot of qualities that I wasn’t even aware I had access to beforehand and I woundn’t be doing what I love now if it wasn’t for him!”  David Grey, Coach & Anatomy in Motion Practioner, Waterford Gymnastics, Ireland.

‘This past year spent learning from Dave has been one of the most foundational phases of learning for me. I learned how to dive into the subtleties of my body and how to create change there. I learned to become aware of any “gunky” parts of myself, and how to heat up that gunk to a level where it is likely to be transmuted.

I was stretched in more ways than I could imagine, sometimes in small increments, and sometimes in giant steps.

Experiences that unlocked something within myself, that led me to new levels of being became more and more common with time passed studying with Dave.

Here are a few sentences that may hint at the depth of Dave’s practice and presence, and what it has done for me:

Shocks that force you to re-evaluate and perhaps redirect your life may occur accidentally, but we can create a frame for those accidents to be very likely to occur…

Once a certain level of curiosity to sensation has been cultivated, we can truly fly on the wings of perception…

There is more to stretch than can ever be stretched. More to feel than can ever be felt. This work truly goes way beyond the mere re-modeling of the body – it is a true game-revealer.’    Adrien Fried,  Movement Practitioner