Physical Re-patterning Work

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I am interested in Change.  Specifically I am interested in transmutation of human beings across all levels. My studies have taken me through a diverse range of fields of inquiry:  firstly at university and crucible of the martial arts dojo; body work training and apprenticeship with an embodied philosopher; studies with jivamukta and alchemists. But before all this had happened I had a particular, profound experience regarding the physical body that set me drifting along a virtuous course. So, let ...Read More

Body Tessellations II – Paradoxical Stretching

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In late 2014 I wrote the original Body Tessellations article.  Two years on now the Body Tessellation stretching work has become a hallmark of the Re-patterning Stretching syllabus within the Physical Alchemy method.  More than this, tinkering with this strange concept has led to structural changes within my body; students bodies and even the ‘body’ of the method – this practical experimentation has actually yielded insights that changed the structure of Physical Alchemy (as will be discussed below)! As I ...Read More

Physical Alchemy: Re-patterning Stretching Classes Flyer 2016

dw_poster_redesign_d1 Physical Alchemy: Re-patterning Stretching Class Flyer 2016 I have had Drew (my graphic design maestro) to redo the flyers I use for classes to more accurately reflect what and how I teach stretching circa 2016.  A lot of important differences have happened since the creation of the last flyer and I am very pleased with this one.  Another for ‘Physical Cultivation’ classes will be done in a few months.  Thanks Drew!  [DW]